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In the Post Internet Age, geographical boundaries have lost relevance. Today business is not done locally, but Globally. It is indeed the age of 'Survival of the fittest'. New strategies have evolved in this Global Customer concept but the ground rules remain the same...

Give your client the best Quality. Every customer deserves your best product, your best efforts and your best services. Thus Mahesh Raj Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., with its years of legacy behind, still commands the same old patronage of its customers in these new emerging markets as it banks on it's everyoung, ever in-vogue philosophy of providing clients with latest and best products on time, coupled with excellent services.

Future Trends       Landmark Of Success
In turbulent times of today, where uncertainty rules the roost, Mahesh Raj Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. stands aloft as a solid company which has made a major market share its very own and is headed in just the Right Direction!
  Established M. R Chemicals in 1980.
  Opened new vistas with starting of Mahesh Raj Chemicals in 1985.
  A division of Mahesh Raj Chemicals is working.
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